Storage to SD card [Solved]

I’m trying to use my old smartphone with 8GB internal memory (less than 1GB free) and 32GB SD card (29GB free) to capture for Mapillary. However, after about 600 images, the capture stops because of full memory (less than 50MB). Apparently the app is not using the 29 GB on the external memory, even though the app itself is stored there. I recently re-installed the app so settings are the default ones except that I set free storage limit to 0% (helps a bit but not enough). What could be the reason for the SD memory not being used to store the images?

Do you have enabled settings > storage > use SD card?

You mean in the app’s settings? Under storage, I have the options to set Free storage limit (0%) and Picture storage location (default; I can choose a different folder, but it’s not obvious to me where these folders are stored and which one to choose to ensure it’s stored on the SD card). I don’t see “use SD card” as an option.

It’s never clear which folder corresponds to the SD card (osmand has the same isue). One of them should be the one you want so try them one by one. If you picked the right one you should find the images in SDCard → Android → data → app.mapillary → files → … when you look for them in the file manager.

Yes, I have such option in Mapilary version 3.163 on my android 7.1.1

Probably there is android restriction on your phone to use sd card