High memory use

Android smartphone (Samsung J7@2016 Android 8.1.0).

When I go in the Play Store, it is telling that Mapillary app is using 1.3 GB. Why such an huge amount of place is used? No sequence remains for upload in the internal memory or on the SD card.

Yeah, that looks like an obvious mistake. I will look if there are any mistakes with removing the sequence data. Thank you for reporting this, @Eric_S.

PS I have never heard about memory usage label in PlayStore, could you double check with memory usage from the phone settings?

PSS If it’s still high (memory usage in Settings) and you have uploaded everything (no sequences left to upload) and you don’t have any sequences, you can clear the app’s data and cache. It will remove your app setting, but it must free the miss occupied memory.

Here is the link with details concerning this.

Quote from the link:

  • In Storage, tap on Apps. You’ll get a list of all your apps, along with how much space each is taking.
  • Tap on the app name. You can now see the app size, how much of the available storage is being used by user data, and how much space is being used by the cache. Two buttons let you either “Clear storage” or “Clear cache.”

BR, Yaro!

I was thinking uninstalling and installing again the app. I will start with data cleaning first. I will tell you the result.

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There was 1.27 GB of data associated with Mapillary app.

After cleaning, I opened the app. It was still connected to my account but parameters were back to default.

Do you mean 1.27GB was freed with data cleaning from Settings? Or in other words, is everything is ok now?

Yes and Yes.

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