📸 Say Cheese! Tell us about your experience using Mapillary Mobile Camera

Hi everyone! The Mapillary Mobile team is looking to learn about how we can improve your mobile camera experience.

We are hosting 25-minute conversations next week with users who have been capturing and contributing using the Mapillary mobile app for over a year. If you’re interested, please submit your email and availability [here] and I will send you a calendar invite with a zoom link. (https://forms.gle/qmXTdmXwPb4midwD9).

If you’re unable to join a conversation next week, feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this post.


Great Idea! I do not use the app currently, mainly since it did not allow me to keep a backup of my (!) images myself anymore, and as it does not use the wide-angle cam. However, I would be interested to use the app again in the future, and some time ago I wrote a list of items that could be improved, maybe it is still helpful to the mobile team, even if some of the items have been fixed already:
Mapillary for Android 5.2.1 is out! - #7 by enteq


I had hoped that with my new smartphone, the app would not make pictures random because of the drifting GNSS location. That is not the case. So I have to delete half of the pictures because of motion blur or being the same, or pointing to the ground.

I have paid Microsoft for more storage so I can synchronize my pictures on Onedrive.
So now I try to use the normal picture taking. But there is still danger of too much unprecision. I am looking at how to prevent this.

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