Crash on android app version 5.4.24 (with compass when detailed stats enabled)

Just installed version 5.4.24.

Unfortunately, the app now crashes every time I take photos.

One moment please, I will release a new version ASAP. Which device do you have?

If you could also gather an app log (enable in setting->Development). It will be a file. And send it to me in direct message on the forum (I think it’s possible to send DM here). It will be faster than filing an issue.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The debug logfile should be in the folder data/user/0/
But it is’nt there

You (probably) don’t have access to the folder (or you have a rooted phone?). So, when the log is enabled, you must have a “send debug logs” button in you navigation drawer. Click on it and it will give you the possibility to send a file somewhere (e.g. usually, I send it to myself with messenger, so I can re-save later to another place).

Does this work for you?

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PS we have found S8, and we can’t reproduce, that’ bad :frowning: what can it be then? hm… Do you by a chance have any swags on the cause? :slight_smile:

I have the log-file, but it is not possible to send it to you via a DM. It’s look like the crash only occurs if compass mode is enabled

Ok, that is very-very valuable. I will think about the cause. Meanwhile I can write you my email in direct. So you can send it there if that’s ok with you.

That’s ok for me.

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Just to confirm. When you have compass enabled you see the compass arrow heads North. Kinda everything works, and the problem starts when you taking a picture, right?

Also, do you use automatic or manual capture? And whether do you have anything in your uploads section?

When you have compass enabled you see the compass arrow heads North.


After taking a picture, the problem occurs

I did automatic and manual capture.

I think I have one guess. Do you have detailed stats enabled in settings? :slight_smile:

Yes I have

Dear @Lowiekse, I have desperately looked through the code and I can’t spot any (obvious) crash reasons. Our QA team has tested the app on multiple devices including S8, and nothing. Our last guess is that it’s something configured in the app. Could you please give specific settings you have enabled in the app (camera, capture, and dev settings probably), when you have time for that of course. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile I will try to test within different settings as well.

I’ll look later today.

I disabled “Show detailed stats”. De app is working fine now.

Thank you for the feedback, @Lowiekse. It was very kind of you providing all this valuable info.

Now, some of the users have already received the update. Meanwhile I will fix this issue and the fix will be ready in open testing in a few days.

Have a good day. BR, Yaro.


I was never so late with “a few days”. I honestly forgot until I re-read the forum. :slight_smile:

I can’t confirm its fixed locally (as we can’t reproduce it). But the fix (of the issue we assume cause your crash) will be included in the upcoming release (this week).
Hope to confirm the fix soon. Apology for being late.

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BR Lowiekse