Android: Mapillary 5.5.34 is out

What’s new in 5.5.34 on PlayMarket ?

Mapillary for Android 5.5.34

  • Leaderboard (on Profile) :sunglasses:
  • 10 new languages :disguised_face:
  • Search on Explore/Map.
  • Detailed stats on capture.
  • User security.
  • Crash on power-save mode.
  • Crash on detailed statistics.
  • Crash on stopping the capture.
  • Misinterpreted pano images.
  • Misaligned text on RTL languages.

Please feel free to share your feedback on this thread.

Special thanks to @ralrei for pointing out to app’s slow work, and to @Lowiekse for submitting unnoticed crash

Best Regards, Yaroslav.

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And in which version was the analytics added?
What exactly does it collect from when and for what?
And why is it on?

Hi czecko,

Nice to meet you, my name is Boris and I recently joined the Mapillary team as a product manager. (By the way if you are heading to the State of the Map conference this weekend, I’ll be there wearing a Mapillary t-shirt and would love to say hello to everyone!)

In terms of analytics, the Mapillary app collects anonymized analytics to help us understand what is working and what we should improve upon. For example, this version of the app introduced 10 new languages, with analytics we can see what percentage of Android users are using which language and which languages we still need to add to support more of the community.

We take privacy very seriously, and so in addition to anonymizing analytics data, in this app version we have also added a setting for anyone to disable analytics all together if they would like. You can find this option under Settings → Developer.

All the best, and I’m really looking forward to learning more from you and the whole Mapillary community!

  • Boris

When you introduce such options, the first one should ask the user if he agrees!
If someone does not enter developer options, he will not even know that something like that is there.
No information about this on Google Play or the forum in your changelog.

You are very concerned about privacy …

App does not work properly when “use device compass” is selected for recording. Many sequences of 1 recording are created.

Hm… Thank you, I will take a look. I haven’t seen this behaviour.

BR, Yaro

Hi @czecko, apology for the delay, I was out of the office.

Before installing any app, on the Google Play Store, the user can see a link to Privacy Policy and to Data Safety Labels mentioned for example on the Mapillary PlayMarket in the corresponding sections. This is the must have requirement by PlayMarket for each app.

Also, on the registration page user has links to Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions which user agree upon while registering. The links are therefore on every page the user encounters when both signing up and downloading the app.

BR, Yaro

See the sequence s on 28 august Mapillary

Profile doesn’t show the username and other data.

@Majid thanks. I discovered that too late to include in the upcoming release. But yeah, I noticed the behaviour. Apology :frowning:

@Lowiekse did you capture only a single image? Or that’s an issue you’ve faced with (one image only)?

PS Because I’ve seen that for one of my sequences. And I’m almost sure that there was more image before.

If you look at my sequences on my profile, you will see that there are multiple sequences of one photo. Again today after the app update. I also had a chrash of the app today when a phone call came in.

I have posted some examples below. Those from today I can’t share yet because they are not yet prosessed.

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@Lowiekse there are some changes on the backend at the moment, so sometimes it displays only one image. This is a temporary workaround, will be back to normal in a few days (raw estimations). But the track must be shown fully (e.g. see this sequence).

The one you’ve sent first looks like exactly a single-image sequence, which means there’ve been one image (and if you are sure that there were multiple images, then it flags the problem on the client or, smaller chance, on the server). I will check all of them shortly.

@Lowiekse just to be sure, are you capturing on the same device? Maybe you’ve notice any correlations between single-image/device.

In the app, these all looked like a one photo sequence. All the photos were uploaded in separate sequences.

I use two devices, sometimes still my Samsung S8, but these days mostly my Samsung A51, especially for sequences in Germany.
There, I managed to overcome the problem by turning off the battery-saving mode.

Today’s one photo sequences, were shot with the Samsung S8.

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