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As an active member of the Mapillary community you probably visit our web and your profile pages frequently. We know there are many things to improve and we really want to hear your opinion about it.

Please share your thoughts on how we can make Mapillary a better experience to you when it comes to the profile page?




The same way as there is a counter for images still processing, a counter for pending edits would help. If it comes with a link that summarizes which edits are still pending it would be great: some edits are easier to do in two passes or more.

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I thought it would be handy to have a view that showed unknown traffic signs. If you made it easy for me to see what traffic signs I’ve had that Mapillary doesn’t know, I could easily provide them with a link to the state department of transportation ( DOT ) page that explains the sign. I would guess that would make it easier to add more recognized signs in the future.


Just for fun (and maybe to discover new places) it would be nice to have a sorting feature in the “Uploads” section of the users’ profile pages:

  • date added (asc/desc)
  • date shot (asc/desc)
  • view count (asc/desc)
  • and in the future: votes (asc/desc)

I also think we should promote the blurring. Too many sequences contain close shots of faces left as is as blurring is somewhat boring.

Why not to add a “blur count” in the profile page, just below the “upload” and “mapped distance” counts?

If every one blurs a bit, it will help greately.


Faces should be caught by the servers and done programatically. If there are a lot that aren’t being caught, it sounds like what is needed is a way to flag them .

An algorithm will never catch them all unfortunately. Or at least, not in 2015/2016.

This is where human blurring is useful. And good behaviour too - for example, such things are absolutely to avoid (almost none of them was blurred, took me a while):

And in extreme cases, we still have the “flag” button of the viewer.

@yubin is managing our blurring project and is actively working with it for us to become the best in the market. It is as @Shlublu says, unfortunately we cannot catch all cases no matter how much we train the system. So on top of the algorithm we need som human help. I really like the idea of us being better at promoting blurring. We have been discussing to include a blur count in the weekly emails that you get from us and also at a later stage we will have it in a dashboard. Thanks for great input!


@allen @Shlublu Thanks for your feedbacks on blurring. Just to keep you updated, we are currently working on improving face detection so hopefully we can minimize your manual efforts in the near future.


Does that mean that all existing pictures also will be updated?

@Harry When the new detectors are ready, they will be first applied to all the new images. We will plan/schedule reprocessing for the old images as well.

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I am patience (it is not my face on the photos)

A better way of dealing with comments would be nice. Now the link to the comment may be broken since I’m at work & some stuff the Mapillary site uses gets blocks. If it’s not, a link in the activity to the comment is the bare minimum we need.

What would really be handy would be some ability to access just comments that I’ve made and others have made on my photos. That would help a lot.

Also, I’d love to see who made the comment. In the activity, it doesn’t show it. Maybe it’s just being blocked and not showing?

What I’m refering to in my activity feed:

FYI, with a quick peak at the chrome dev tools, I’m not seeing any errors due to somethign being blocked. If that’s the case than this just a matter of functionality.

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