[Feature request] View pending uploads on a map

The problem
After uploading multiple sequences/folders/sessions of images, it’s pretty much impossible atm to have a overview of which pictures has been approved.

I have yet to understand how the “Feed” works. For instance, it says I have a sequence with 11 photos, but that’s not true, and I didn’t upload 11 photos in one upload session either. See screenshots:

My suggestion
I suggest that you can view a private map of which displays your pending images on a map (pretty much identical to the new uploader).
Futuremore it would be nice with a simply view of the status of one upload session.
Current GUI could look like this instead, which would give a useful overview of the status:

That’s all, thanks reading :relieved:

The word “sequence” when used in Mapillarycan be confusing.
There are at least a dozen different meanings they use for the word.
On Mapillary sequence is much like the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus. Even these two are better defined than sequence on Mapillary.

Yep, thinking about a batch of images that’s uploaded (that’s why I wrote a few synonyms).