Upload comment/date

Hi !

I often don’t remember if I have already upload a sequence or not. The upload/activity webpages are not very useful in these situation. I’d like to put a comment on these upload, like we have a changeset comment when you send new stuff in the OpenStreetMap database.
Last thing, on the upload/activity, i’d like to see the pictures date (with the comment).

I hope you understand this feature request.

Something like this:

Hi !
I still think that Mapillary lacks a feature to add some informations with the upload, and a way to list all our uploads.

Am i the only one to want this type of feature ?

Hi @StephaneP - it’s true we don’t have the option to comment on the sequence during the upload, but you can comment on it once it’s uploaded. All your uploads are listed on your profile, together with feed notifications of the upload action (with dates and sequence id-s). Do you find that useful?

Hi @katrin
It seems that you can comment a picture, not a sequence. And you need to find this picture to read the comment. So I don’t think it’s useful for this type of use.
Yes, I can find a list of my uploads, but seeing the first picture is not enough and usually uninformative.
The upload date could help, but with the pictures date, the bounding box, and the comment, it could be really better.

If I ask these features is because sometimes there is weeks or months between the capture time and the upload date, and I don’t always remember what I’ve already uploaded. Add to this that I still have many indoor pictures to send (same localisation, but different levels), and I think that you will understand why it becomes difficult to track what is uploaded, and what is not.