Comments on Pictures

If I leave a comment on a picture, is there anything in the UI that will alert the user? If they reply to my comment, will I see anything that will help me know they replied?


They should receive an email… I do if someone comments on any of my images.

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Yes, if you’re on the default notifications plan then you should receive notifications when someone comments on your image, mentions you in a comment or comments on an image that you have commented on.

Thank you.

I don’t mean to pry nor take up your time. I’m curious if there’s any talk of future features. I’d like to see something to make those mini-chats more obvious. Maybe a table in the profile div?

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Beside usability, one of the things I suspect is that there’s a fair amount of users who play with Mapillary a few times and move on. I’d hope that some comments here and there may pull them back in. Or at least keep it on their radar so they may return.


@allen interesting to hear this feedback. We’ve discussed ways to make this aspect of Mapillary more engaging, but it usually takes lower priority than performance and mapping related improvements. I’d love to hear from others on how they find the commenting and interactions with others on the site/app and whether there are things we can do here that make Mapillary more interesting for them.

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There’s always plenty to do so it’s understandable. I don’t know that those intereactions would be some sort of magic sauce. I do suspect they’d help to keep some folks in the loop. Ii’m basing that on what I see on the front end. I suspect if you slice and dice the data you’d have a better idea of how frequently most people (don’t) contribute.