A user interface decision consequence

Because there is no indication in what mode I am, I keep making pictures of the ground.

I’ll probably delete them one of these days.

The same thing here,
because of the black vertical ribbon, it is hard to see the reflection while shooting.


Hey @filipc - I’m just trying to make sure I understand-- are you saying it’s not clear when you’re capturing images through the app? Could you expand on this a bit?

Yes, the vertical black reason must be for beauty.
Have you tried shooting sideways from a bus, when conditions are not ideal ?
I don’t find pictures from you.

@filipc - I believe I understand, but I will check with the dev team to help me out here.

I haven’t posted anything just yet-- I’m a greenhorn with Mapillary-- I just started last month so I will be contributing as soon as I finish settling in to some of my other roles. Sorry to not be well-versed in this just yet!

@filipc — could you possibly share a screenshot of this in the app? I we want to see if maybe there’s something going on with your make/model of device’s UI.

In the mapillary link I gave, you can see the red reflection of coats.
Without that black transparent ribbon I would have seen it better an would have aimed the camera more outside than forward.
It is no big deal.
There are so many details about which I wonder if others know it also. You should make a movie with me.

@filipc I TOTALLY understand what you mean now, I’m sorry for seeming lost.

Let me bring it up with my team. what were you shooting on?

I was shooting with a Samsung S9 the National 1 way and the canal Willebroek - Brussel.
Also from a way where only busses are allowed.

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Thanks @filipc :slight_smile: I will pass this along for them to consider. You’re right, that’s definitely not something someone likely would have thought of!