[FEATURE request]

I really like Mapillary but what bothers me is sometimes the lack of quality in some pictures. Some images or image sequences are useless because they are too dark, too blurry, sometimes the distances between images are like 500m and some images are so tilted that they are kind of useless too.

The suggestion is that while processing the image for the data collection, the images should also be graded with a quality score ranging from 1-5 based on different factors like described above. Later, users can filter images based on the grade just like they can filter based on time. In my opinion, this should enhance the quality of mapillary because people will be motivated to create better images.

There are several reasons why the older pictures tend not to be so good. One of them is that we thought that many bad pictures would be synthesized into one good picture.


So the quality of the newer images are better? From which date did they get better, just for filtering.

There is no particular date. It is just a tendency.
There have been problems with the focus in the Google API that have been solved for example.
More and more people come to see that a smartphone on a bike is usually a bad idea.
And smartphone manufacturers keep on lying when they tell that they can shoot in low light.

But of course there are still mavericks and their defenders.

Why is it a bad idea? If you capture in mid-day when there is enough light, I don’t get the problem. And what is a better way of capturing then?

In mid day without vibrations OK, but even then you won’t be able to read the fine print.
But to please our viewers we prefer to use action cams.

Some signposts are surprisingly hard to capture, even with my top of the bill action camera.
I really should have stopped at every sign. Now someone must return because some pictures are unreadable.