Some useful pictures

Yesterday I took pictures of the environment of an already mapped aed.

It was not where it was supposed to be, but thanks to the old Google Streetview I know that the aed had moved.

Then on OSM I saw a drinking water fountain next to it. I could not believe it as I have already mapped and photographed 300 of them and had not seen it in front of my nose.

Yet it was there

It is an unseen model that must have been designed for children only.

So I looked at another drinking water fountain in the neighbourhood, and I could prove its existence, even with that bad picture.

Now I wait for proof of the existence of this one

The pictures should appear on Mapillary today.

I think my Gopro Hero7 crashed at that moment but luckily I have a dashcam as a backup.

So I see no proof of its existence at this moment in time.

I really use Mapillary a lot for verifying. And believe me, it is necessary.