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INCREDIBLE :slight_smile:

Uploaded images = 4.6 M
Distance mapped = 84 709 km

this is THE BEST! )))


Beware, or you will be insulted by an annoying brat.


Reminds me of Mapillary’s What to capture and not capture page:

Please avoid: Aerial images—Mapillary is a platform for street-level imagery


how to mass delete “Aerial images”



You have to email to support.


With a bit of deep learning it should be easy for Mapillary to automatically detect such photos and to flag / delete them. Same for photos where the camera points to the ground, the sky, or where everything is out of focus. There are places where a bit of cleanup would be good.


There ara option for manual flaggin, but it’s seems that nobody in mapillary is reviewing the reports, and such unwanted images stays.