Accuracy of notifications

So, this is something I’ve taken up with support, but that still bugs me so I figured I’d throw it out here.
The notifications Mapillary gives are … well, annoying/painfull/offensive at times. (talking iOS version here)

There’s three types:

  • Be the first to capture in this area. It’s a slap to the face to get that, at home, in a city where you have near perfect coverage.
  • The area you’re in could use some fresh imagery. (I don’t mind this one at all)
  • There’s unmapped streets near you, suggesting you go map them. It does however not show WHERE the supposed unmapped streets are.

First and third option persist, and are fairly useless. Especially the first gets on my nerves at times, but please, do NOT had the third option without a notifcation that gives a link to show you what exactly supposedly is missing.

As for the second: PLEASE have a way to filter the map display for ‘no recent imagery’.

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