Platform updates are live

Hi everyone,

I am happy to say that our platform updates are now live. Thanks for your patience over the last few weeks, especially as processing times slowed down.

The platform updates aim to facilitate the future of Mapillary and include new features such as:

  • Coverage tiles by capture date (age)
  • A 3D point cloud viewer so that you can see what’s happening behind each image
  • Faster data loading times in iD Editor and JOSM

See our blog post for full details.

Some important things to note:

  1. You will need to update your password next time you visit or use the mobile apps.
  2. Make sure to update to the latest version of the app on iOS to enjoy these features. If you are on Android you will need to download this new Mapillary app. Note, on Android this is a new app and not an update.

We’re super excited to continue this journey with you and can’t wait to see how you use the new and improved Mapillary.




Something important you did not mention is that is now residing under the same IP-adress as
Until now i was fortunate to be allowed to use my employers fast internet connection to upload pictures to mapillary. But facebook is blocked here.
So i am afraid our journey together ends here.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


Glad to hear the platform is back.

I’m curious on this remark in the blog:

Sequence editing will be retired aside from blur editing.

Why is that? Has direction detection and saving been improved? I can live with slightly offset locations but I find the wrong direction indicators of many sequences very annoying and I always try to correct them through sequence editing.

One bug I found: The overview map on the web site with all the tracks is not showing anymore which point is selected nor in which direction the image was shot.

Not sure how it was before but could you please render forests on the map in a green shade? That makes orientation on the map much easier. Not it appears parks, golf courses and nature reserves are green but large bodys of wood are not.


Firefox with Enhanced Tracking Protection enabled, blocks the ENTIRE Mapillary site. You just get an empty page.


I also have to confirm the bug @mapfl mentioned; the map no longer highlights the currently open photo. This makes it impossible to see where on the map a photo was taken. Curiously, the map does still pan if the photo node falls outside of the current map view.

And I also am sad sequence editing will be retired. Especially my older sequences are often wildly offset from their actual location, many, sometimes 50-60 meters wrong. This also results in map data being placed in the wrong locations.


Minor thing: after trying to log in, you get a box saying

Password update required
Mapillary is making some changes. For one time only all users must reset their passwords
A reset email has been sent to xxx
Want to learn more? Read the blog post

The explanatory link is a 404 - the first ‘-’ in the url should be a ‘/’

Still waiting for my reset email, though :frowning:

Map data / traffic sign selection on the map is usless.
I have to select ONE of hundreds of traffic signs. I just want to see easily ALL traffic signs in my area.

Why? I wanna know what kind of traffic signs werde dedected without browsing all pictures. Especally if I dont know what kind of signs I have to expect.

Please change that.



I got mine within seconds.

Note - You’re not actually forced to change your password. You’re prompted to enter a new password but can use the same one as before.

What was the reasoning behind the idea to disallow sequence editing?

Most of the sequences I upload are widely off the track, some have duplicate photos due to GPS floating when stopping on traffic lights or ride between skyscrapers, and I edited lots (if not all) of my tracks to be sure that the shots are in the correct locations.

I also second @Andy_Na in regards to the traffic signs (and points). What is the use-case of selecting just a few types of signs? Mapillary detected objects automatically and we could use that to detect new or changed objects and update maps accordingly. Now the feature is useless.

But thanks for the update, of course.


It would be a great feature to be able to download the 3D point cloud!


I was using the web uploader because of frustation with the desktop uploader (images rejected for no apparent reason, which the web uploader accepted) , not to mention the command line tools.

I wonder how retiring the web uploader might facilitate the future of image contributors.


Your „platform update“ includes rerouting all connections to the to servers with Facebook domains.

My personal home network is prohibited from sending any data to any Facebook domain for privacy reasons. Map access is now completely broken on all desktop and mobile devices, congrats for that move!

After contributing way more than 100k high quality images with quite a lot of effort I am not sure how I should continue contributing to Mapillary. I even widely promoted using it within the NGO I voluntarily work for in my spare time. Now I have to tell them that even using it (without adding image like I did) would allow Facebook to track them …


We were actually notifying far more problems with the web uploader. Simplifying upload methods will allow us to stabilise them and start adding new features.

Is this an ISP issue, a country restriction issue, or specific to your home network?

Very confusing. Both apps are named exactly the same and have the exact same icon. Then the old app is version 3 and the new one is version 1. Both had recent updates. No comment in the description on Playstore which the newer one is and that the old one gets deprecated.


@eneerhut what’s about mapillary_tools command line uploader?
I have updated the password on the web and can now authenticate in web app.

BUT I am unable to re-authenticate via mapillary_tools: (mapillary_tools authenticate --advanced)

I am using latest tools available on github

In the new web app all my recently uploaded sequences (June 2021) have disappeared from the rendered map (no tracks). They were all fine in the old one (yesterday).
Sample sequence

I am also joining the others who are disappointed with Edit sequence feature removal.
I was using it regularly to fix positioning of some images where GPS data was not accurate (i.e. when I was driving in the tunnels or in other areas with unstable GPS fix.
Do you REALLY want to have images placed all over the earth without giving a chance to contributors to adjust it? (OK, I can do it in 3rd-party tools BEFORE uploading, but sometimes it’s easier to apply a small fix after)


Still waiting for my password reset notification. More than 1 hour now.

Can you please check the spam folder. It should be coming through immediately, but a few people are reporting that it went through to spam.