Where are my uploads?


Since the new website I’ve uploaded thousends of photos, but after a week I don’t see them appear them, neither in my uploads as on the website.
What’s going on?

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Do you mean that you can not see them on the User page? I do not see my recent ones here but they are on the map.

I mean both…:wink:
When I upload the photos I alle seems to be fine, but after a week the photos still aren’t visible on the map and neither they are in my user page.
I know it can take some time, but it seems there is something wrong now.

It’s a strange behaviour I’ve noticed…
After logging in on the legacy website, suddenly all my uploads appeared. The only problem I have is that several seuences are merged to one with 5000 photos.
For now I still use the old uploader because this one is the only who works in my case.

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@EOSfoto, sorry for the delay! Does it seems all right now? I can see many uploads from you with dates from the last week or so on the new web.

Hi there,

The problem I’ve noticed seems to be solved.

Thnx for the reply…

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Since a few days I can no longer see my older uploads in the scrolling picture list at the right side of the screen. The down scroll arrow has disappeared, Tried it in different browsers on Windows,
I read here of the advice of switching back to the old interface, Where is it?

here it is: http://legacy.mapillary.com/profile/voschix

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