What happened to Profile page on the Web and mobile apps?

Just went to Mapillary web and on my mobile apps and all the most recent history of uploads seemed to have disappeared.
It’s only showing images updated in 2018 when I first joined.

Also, on the mobile apps, what happened to the summary stats showing total no. of images and sequences uploaded?

Why are you guys removing existing features making the app less and less usefu? @Anders

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Hey, I’ll notify the backend team so they can have a look. Do you know if it used to work or if it has always been like this?

Regarding stats, we had to remove them from the app since the backend team didn’t have time to implement it on the new platform until recently (last week actually, I think), so now it’s possible to add them back in the clients, so they will be back eventually, hopefully very soon.

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@laye Thanks for reporting this issue. We’re reimporting some of the sequences from legacy platform to new platform. When processing of these sequences will be completed, the feed will be ordered by latest captured sequences.

As @anders mentioned user stats are coming soon :slight_smile:

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When you say ‘always been like this?, from when exactly do you mean? I haven’t used the app for a month or so, and I don’t remember the last time I checked the Profile page

I meant “have you been able to see the sequences before”. But see Said’s answer, it seems we are just re-importing the sequences and they will show up on your profile again eventually.