The order of the photos of "My coverage Mapillary" on the "Upload" tab

Please tell me the order of the photos of “My coverage Mapillary” displayed on the “Upload” tab of the current Web version of Mapillary.

There are two pictures of “Dec 15, 2020 5:04 PM” on the top.
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This is followed by a photo of “Jun 29, 2021 7:00 PM”.

I think that the last published photo is displayed on the top.
If so, the above two photos should have been put on hold for more than half a year after I uploaded them, and today they seem are finally published on the Web.
Is it correct for me to understand that way?

Below is a screen capture of my operation of “My coverage Mapillary” on the “Upload” tab.

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Same here, there are some uploads from October 2020 higher than yesterday’s uploads … is there some backlog processing going on and old pictures get re-processed, or is the order just wrong?


The top images I’ve talked about this time are two of the hundreds to thousands of photos in the sequence, so I’m not sure if they’ve ever been displayed on the web.
I think the process of displaying these photos on the web has been stopped for more than half a year and suddenly it worked on a few days ago.
I am waiting for the findings from Mapillary Staff.

I have April 25th sequences on the top. When I upload new sequences they appear as “processing” for some time and then dissapear somwehere down and again april 25th stays on the top. Something is not right there but I suppose its not the most important mapillary problem to solve :smiley:

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Yes, I don’t even consider this symptom a priority for Mapillary.
But now that Mapillary has hidden almost all of its status, I think it’s okay to pay more attention to the information available on this Upload tab as an indicator of the health of the Mapillary system.

Today I have faced a weird issue - my uploads list is messed up.
some 2019 sequences are now showing on top,
a lot of mysterious May 18 2021 sequences popped up in the ‘processing’ stage,
most recent July 2021 sequences are now buried in the middle…


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Your Upload tab is very messy. I captured it because it is valuable.

Suddenly, I got some 2018 uploads in my ‘upload feed’ , I have no idea why those appeared. Sequence breaks added?

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I’m glad to find that this trouble isn’t just a problem with my account, it’s a symptom that many people understand.
I’ve sent what’s being discussed in this Thread to

My account was not affected of this issue until yesterday.

Today I have to join the chorus of Mapillary users with old sequences from the past showing on top of more recent sequences …

In my account:
Sep 23, 2020 <== old sequence appeared today
Sep 8, 2020 <== old sequence appeared today
Sep 1, 2020 <== old sequence appeared today
Aug 27, 2020 <== old sequence appeared today
Aug 26, 2020 <== old sequence appeared today
Aug 25, 2020 <== old sequence appeared today
Jul 4, 2021 <== most current sequence as of yesterday
Jul 2, 2021 <== previous sequence
Jun 27, 2021 <== previous sequence

To make it even more weird, some of the old sequence are not complete any longer. My images have been captured with a frequency of 1 image/second. Therefore each line should be very dense which it isn’t when checked today

Seems that reprocessing is running in the background but showing strange effects in the frontend which are not explained.

Hello Mapillary, can you just explain it to us so that we are no longer upset?

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I received an answer from Support to Jul 12 “The problem should be fixed now, please check again.”
But when I saw my “Uploads” on Jul 13, the symptom wasn’t fixed yet.

I have reported this fact to Support again.

And after another 30 hours now, I reiterate the report that my “Uploads” have the same symptoms as the one I captured 30 hours ago.

same with me, no change in behaviour. I also have weird sequences with missing photos:


About this Topic, I checked the current display contents of the Web.

The old image that was displayed on the Top at the time of the previous report was not displayed on the Top.
Instead, there seems to be a “Processing” image dated August 20, 2021 (4 weeks ago).
I can’t recognize which image it is, so I’ll take a look at it for a while.
(If the image I uploaded hasn’t been processed for 4 weeks, it’s a problem, or if this isn’t my image, there’s another problem)

In addition, the app still displays two old images (taken in December 2020) at the top.

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I was informed that this issue has been fixed.
And I was able to confirm that this issue was fixed on both the web and the smartphone app.