Order of sequences in Feed

I know someone already adressed this bug here in the forum, but I can find the thread so I’m opening a new one.
Problem is: Since conversion of old sequences for API v4, there are in my case 21 sequences from July 20 that always stay on top as if they were the newest in my feed. This is annoying since I always have to scroll down for long to actually see the new sequences.
When I’m uploading new sequences, these new ones show up first while processing and for some more hours after processing is complete, then they magically get overtaken by the same 21 old ones from July 20 again. Wanted to attach a screenshot but as you know… “Access denied”.
Can someone from Mapillary do something about this? Thanks…


I see similar behaviour in my feed, images from 30-Aug-2020 constantly appear on the top, if I scroll down everything underneath looks to be in chronological order

Ditto. Seems the view is made up of three distinct chunks for me:

  1. Sequences that are processing (no photos yet) or partially processed (photos exist but aren’t shown on the map and/or can’t be stepped through), in the order that they were uploaded;

  2. A batch of old sequences (for me they’re from different dates in October 2020), with no discernable order;

  3. Everything else, in date order.

In a way, it’s handy having a divider between groups (1) and (3), so you can see what’s in progress and what’s properly viewable, but I’d prefer something other than a dozen old sequences to mark the boundary :slight_smile:

The discussion I started deals with this topic.
It was July 14th that I reported to the support desk that “this symptom has not been fixed yet”. There is no subsequent answer.

It’s ok now, at least for my account :grinning: