Video uploads not working?


I’ve uploaded some video 5 days ago and another one month or so ago.
None of them appeared on site. Is video upload broken?


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Hi @maxim75! Yes, there is a problem with video uploads right now. We are working on it and unfortunately may need to ask you to upload the video again. When the time comes we will send an email to you and the other affected users, together with instructions on what to observe when re-uploading. Sorry about this but we hope to fix it soon!

Hi @katrin! I have this problem too. I uploaded videos two weeks ago and still no anything.
What I must do now? Wait for You complete works or re-upload videos?

Hi @Sergey82K! I know you wrote to support a while ago already, sorry that it’s taking so long. The problem turned out to be more tricky than we thought and our initial fix didn’t work. So please give us some more time, and we will contact you with instructions via email when it’s time to upload it again. Thanks!

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Video uploads been completely removed on updated UI. Can you confirm that that feature is no longer supported?

The feature will be coming back in the future. For now use the legacy site to upload videos.

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I’ve been using the video upload also but not always with 100% satisfaction. Sometimes the sequence shows up, sometimes it does not. In those cases I upload again after some days/weeks… but also not always sequences showing up.
It would be nice to receive some feedback on the uploaded video so that I know what the status is.
Can someone tell what the status is of fixing the issues?

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Hi @peewee32 - can you please send some information to about this issue? Would be great to know when you uploaded those videos that still haven’t showed up, how many they were and also how big the files were approximately. We’ll look into it for you but this is more a support issue than forum discussion, which is why I’m asking you to send an email. Thanks!

OK. I’ve just sent an e-mail.


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I’m wondering if the video processing has got stuck again. I’ve uploaded 2 videos. One about a week ago, and one I yesterday (8th March 2017) and neither have shown up yet.

The video upload is now starting to come through.

It would be useful to note video uploads in the activity stream.

@smsm1 You should be getting notifications about your video uploads getting on the map, is this not happening? Do you only see the photos appear on your profile?

I’m seeing the the photo addition notifications. What I’m suggesting is an additional event in the notification stream to show that the video has been uploaded including when.

I see! As for now, we’ve decided to notify only once during upload, and that is when you’re photos have been processed to reach the map.

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So, what is the current status of video uploads? Are they working at the moment? I have uploaded three 30 minute sequences about an hour ago and I have received no notification so far. Do I just wait or do I upload them again?

Hi @herrtichy - did your uploads show up? It takes longer for video uploads than image uploads since for videos, we first need to harvest images from the video. Also, with specific issues, I suggest you write to us at to receive help sooner. Since the purpose of this forum is community discussions, some threads can go unnoticed by our team for a while (as in this case).

I have some small comments on improving the video downloader(***)
1 When I synchronize a track with a video, black appears in the satellite map view window at maximum zoom. This is quite inconvenient when you want to achieve high quality map binding.
2 Only the start time of the gps track is displayed, it is worth adding the end time of the track and there may be a time slider(the current time).

On Saturday and Sunday I had extremely unsuccessful downloads, for all the time I was introduced to the video uploader. Sent a report to the mail …

Hi. I’m also having problems with the legacy video uploader. The photo sequences start in the beginning of the track, not where you place the start icon in the map. So all my last sequences are wrong. I contacted support but still waiting for an answer.

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Two weeks have passed since I signed up to Mapillay. At first the video upload was successful. Because the tutorial video on the below is so easy to understand that I was able to upload a large video from the beginning without making any mistakes.

However, all video uploads have failed since Mar 15, 2019.
My work on alignment with GPS data is as complete as before, but the coordinates of Street Level Imagery are quite different.
The video uploaded yesterday also failed.

According to other information, it seems that the previous data can not be used after Mar 29, 2019. I am very worried.