Enter to Legacy.mapillary.com

Today I can’t log in legacy.mapillary.com with the password from the main site.
I am alone? What is the reason?


Me too.

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What news do you have in essence the problem?
I sent a letter to tech support, silence …

Well, it is legacy, so don’t expect much support

The Desktop uploader has now been available for several months, Mapillary may have decided to discontinue the legacy uploader, but it would’ve been courteous to at least post on that … ;
There is a reference to limitations of the browser-based uploader in https://blog.mapillary.com/update/2018/12/27/desktop-uploader.html : “constrained in your browser, it can’t make use of your file system to boost performance or save progress” ;
Having said that, the Desktop Uploader spent an hour or more doing something : writing eleven files per photo - before the actual upload started, with no discernible difference in pics/hour uploaded. Deleting some 70k zero-length files takes ages, but if you copy the files to be uploaded to a USB-stick or SDHC card you can just reformat the thing.
Positive point about the Desktop Uploader is that it keeps a log of which series you’ve uploaded.

legacy uploader out of use without announcement? wow

What about the normal web uploader? I got only upload errors (files failed to upload) while showing position correctly

That’s the issue I described in the other post to which you replied.

Incidentally, when accessing https://legacy.mapillary.com/map/upload/vi you’ll see a new green button : “Choose video file” ; text above reads ;

" Upload Video

Upload a video and an accompanying .gpx file to process it into a sequence of geolocated images.

Note: This legacy uploader is no longer actively maintained. We recommend using our Desktop Uploader instead. Advanced users can also use the Mapillary python tools. "

Sounds like the legacy tool was repurposed to take videos and accompanying .gpx-files?

There’s no mention of which video format(s) can be accepted - may be a case of anything goes initialy?

My usual tuppence, k.

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Are you able to login to legacy site? I can not (anymore).

The functionality to Upload a video with an accompanying .gpx file was available for years on that legacy site. It worked fine in the past, no need to use python tools.

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It’s funny. Now we can become anonymous contributors.