Desktop uploader issues

I have been having issues the past two days with not being able to upload images via the desktop uploader. The images scan ok, and I am shown the map preview of where they are, and then when I select upload, it errors out at 0/xxx complete. There is no specific message, just the option to retry, which yields the same result. I thought it may have been corrupt photos, so I went and reshot them all and I’m getting the same error.

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I uninstalled it and reinstalled it.

Still have the same issue.

Historically the windows desktop uploader has always had problems. A few times I gave it a try and every time I returned to the web browser upload. Been able to used that for years and years and years.

This is quite frustrating, having that web uploader taken away. Put on top of that the desktop uploader is again failing and it’s not just frustrating… fucking pissed off. WHY?

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absolutely need the web uploader back online. Desktop uploader is slow, and often failing.

(Btw, I use linux so can not even use Desktop uploader, have to use windows laptop of my daughter to use that ‘tool’ :expressionless:)



use the python cli upload toosl.

Me too, I use only Debian GNU/Linux and now it’s impossible to upload.

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Training and picking up a new skill set —> installing python and configring and setting up their scripts - is not needed. If I’m going to sink 40 hours into farting around with some new crap I know nothing about, I’m going to do it for something I could use for work + get paid for.

The web uploader from a user point of view was great. Easy to use. Easy to work with.

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The python tools are easy, to.
git clone, py install, run. No more than 10 min on my system.
Further on, uploads are far more easier than web uploader and faster.
A one liner for 40k pictures? Sure, go ahead.

As there is no web uploader, you need win/mac or the python/cli tools.


Amiga4000, the pythong toos are NOT easy. installing python, running stuff from the CLI is a specialized skillset. If it were easy, people wouldn’t get paid $40, $70, $120 / hr to do that stuff.

I tried going down that path once and couldn’t get it to work. I know it ain’t easy for me. And given that that 99% of computer users use a GUI not a a CLI, we know it ain’t easy for most everyone.


Currently it is: getting python win installer (or apt-get install python 3), open a shell, run the one liner from the git repo, wait.
Start it with the line from the git, enter username, password, wait, done.
Same for win and linux.


Can you explain in a step by step way ?
I ve instaled Python, but I do not managed to work with, (folders instalation? etc )


On windows, I did install python

I did open powershell (or cmd) and entered:

python -m pip install --upgrade git+

(wait until thats done)

Try with in the comand line box:

mapillary_tools -h

If thats shows a mapillary info screen, it is installed fine.
Now process and upload with that one-liner in comand line/powershell window:

mapillary_tools process_and_upload --import_path “path/to/images” --user_name “mapillary_username”

Replace the path to the images (it works recursive) and the username you work with.

On linux I did apt-get install python3 and did enter
python3 -m pip install --upgrade git+

It may spill out some issues about missing packages. On debian bullseye those are at least:

In case of missing package. you can run the python3 -m… line again afgter installing the package.

Thank you very much.
I’ll try with yours instructions.
One last question -My Win 8.1 OS (desktop) and Win 10 (laptop) are both 32 bits.
Any problems with these ?
(Only after 15 days I was informed that Mapillary Desktop uploader does not work in 32 bits machines…)
Even now, there is no warnings about this in the d/l page…

usually win 10 is 64bit and do run 32bit apps. Not much 32bit win 10 around.
Try the python 64bit package/installer, it should work. If not, try the 32bit one.
Else all fine.

D/L today once more from page, Mapillary Desktop Uploader, sign in worked !!
Will test upload sequences. I will report ASAP