Desktop Uploader

Hello everyone…well I moving in from Panoraiop and Picasa…from where I can download standalone desktop uploader for Mapillary

Here is a good place to start - web and python information

For the happy few with a working python environment.

Uploader is part of Mapillary website, no standalone tool (except using python scripts). So login and goto

1000 pictures is often the limit before Chrome gets a memory leak.

No doubt that spending the time learning the Pyton scripts is well given out. In I have tried writing a guide and feel free to ask in that thread or in this thread. I may not be able to help, but I will try.

I could use python on my laptop. But since python 3 things the environment is too complex. I went with my laptop to a python meetup. Two specialists tried to help me, but with difficulty they managed to install Anaconda.
No thanks, maybe with my next laptop.

The mapillary code did not run when I installed python 3. When I uninstalled and using python 2 (folder name python27) it all worked.