Legacy video upload login failure

I can’t seem to log into the legacy website any more so it’s impossible to upload video. Is this a known issue and will it be fixed?


hello, anyone listening?

Look for other branches, this has already been discussed.

When you say branches, you mean threads, right?
That’s the only one i could find: Enter to Legacy.mapillary.com
No answers there, just speculation.

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You better get used to it. That is how Mapillary treats us.

After all legacy means “might work, might not work”. It is the past.

…and the only way to upload video+GPX directly.

I still have a lot of videos for dozens of kilometers. I did not have time to donate them. How to send them? Decide how to apply gps to the video so that it is in a format suitable for the desktop bootloader + DVR. Alas, I am not a programmer.