Legacy video upload login failure

I can’t seem to log into the legacy website any more so it’s impossible to upload video. Is this a known issue and will it be fixed?


hello, anyone listening?

Look for other branches, this has already been discussed.

When you say branches, you mean threads, right?
That’s the only one i could find: Enter to Legacy.mapillary.com
No answers there, just speculation.

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You better get used to it. That is how Mapillary treats us.

After all legacy means “might work, might not work”. It is the past.

…and the only way to upload video+GPX directly.

I still have a lot of videos for dozens of kilometers. I did not have time to donate them. How to send them? Decide how to apply gps to the video so that it is in a format suitable for the desktop bootloader + DVR. Alas, I am not a programmer.

I’m a 73 year old cyclist. When the weather is bad, I use the Tacx Genius Smart Trainer. There are RLVs for the trainer (Real Life Video). But I can do it, too, if I have the video and the associated .gpx

I would like to request .gpx for videos.
I do not speak English. I use Google Translate. If I don’t understand what I’m writing, then it’s the Translator’s fault.
I’ll send you two trips. One outdoors, the other on the Tacx Trainer.

If there is a video and the gpx that comes with it, then I can do such an RLV. You need your help.
E-mail adresse: czakof1946@gmail.com


Hi everyone, I’ll share our current update about the legacy uploader as we have been discussing its fate internally.

Due to our dev team’s focus on the future of our desktop uploader, we’re transitioning away from the legacy uploader and are advising users to use the desktop uploader or mapillary_tools for video uploads for the time being. The devs are working on expanding support for the desktop uploader to replace the legacy uploader, so this is their primary focus for now.

I know this is not an ideal solution for many of you that have grown accustomed to the legacy uploader, however we have decided the team’s focus on updating the new way to upload will be beneficial long term than focusing on continuing to update the legacy uploader in the interim.

If you have any questions about this process you can reach out at support@mapillary.com. Thanks!

When continuing to develop your desktop uploader, please keep in mind who your power users are and what OS they are using: Linux 53%, Win 37%, MacOS 9%


Please, take in mind that the legacy uploader is very useful to sync videos with GPS tracks. Even if I don’t upload videos with the legacy uploader I use it to get the correct video start timestamp and then process the video with mapillary_tools. I explained the process here.

So please, do not take down the legacy upload page until the new desktop uploader is completely ready. Thank you.

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Thanks! Your answer and links are very helpful. I have a lot of video files and using your links I’ll try to figure it out on my own. If I still need help, I will write to you.


I’m interested in these videos. If I send someone an RLV, I will upload it to Google Drive and share it.

How about using a Garmin Virb Suite to overlay gps on a video? And then try sending it to the desktop uploader. I can’t install it, my system gives errors.

Neither Garmin Virb Suite nor the Mapillary Desktop Uploader are available on Linux.