Video upload - is there a limit

Hi Folks,

I am uploading videos and gpx via the legacy page a t and wondered if there is some limit on the repository? After 24 hours I note that a whole bunch of my trips are not showing up in mapillary and I have only a few pending images showing up in my feed. Just wanted to check before starting to upload them again.

OK just checked the settings/mapillary status and hope it wasn’t all my uploads that caused the slowdown. My family is away the moment so I can spend all day gathering video for upload!

About 8-10Gb of videos per day at the moment

Cheers - Phil

Sorry just saw this now. I can’t see anything processing for your account, so hoping everything is there now as it should be. If you ever want an urgent response, drop a line to

No worries,

I held off loading up more files until they started to appear on the map. There was about a 48 hour delay. I am just loading up a few that seemed to have slipped through and are not appearing. Back on the road tomorrow!

@tastrax ahh that’s a huge delay. There was a massive upload that coincides with your delay so guessing it was a one off but will double check.

@travel193 I have uploaded about 50Gb of movies in the last week. Sorry if its causing issues.

Well something has chnaged. I get this after just a few videos to be processed.

No way to get around it. Looks like for each day in the field I will spend several hours waiting for this message to go away before I can load up some more videos. (about 4Gb loaded out of about 16Gb I have waiting)

Uploading 50 GB of movies shouldn’t be a problem (in theory). Sounds like there might be a fixed limit that has been set up per use though for videos.

Will report and hopefully get back to you with a fix soon.

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I get that every now and then. Mos of the time, it’s because I have a few sequences that I haven’t approved yet. Sometimes i have to pop it open in Firefox. For some reason that seems to get through that better than the same request from Chrome.

In fact, I’m working through them right now. I just click on the “upload 2”, approve it, and get another screen like this.

Thanks @allen but I have never seen that screen either. I think I will just slow up on the uploads and give them a bit of time to process. Still seems to take about 48 hours if I load heaps of files.

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