Upload to Mapillary direct from GOPRO QUIK app

Hi Mapillary,

I am Phung from ietnam. Currently we have two accounts bemaps2_hn and bemaps3_sg that rank top 3 in monthly contributors.
Workflow at the moment is quite manual when it comes to upload hundreds GB per day.

We have to take out the SD card then plugin a laptop and wait for Mapillary uploader to process GPX track of the videos. 150GB .360 video cost us 2 hours to process GPX then we can push upload button.

I suggest another way to help scaling, cut time. That is Mapillary and GOPRO works together to build a new firmware/pipeline that allows end user to upload direct to Mapillary Server like to GoPro Cloud in subcription (49$/year)

In GOPRO Quik app there is another box to get user use Mapillary account to signin. And user just need to plugin the charging, everything will be automatically upload to Mapillary.


@boris wdyt?

BR, Yaro

Quik is closed source, so I very much doubt it is possible to integrate it with anything not designed by GoPro. Especially if it comes with gpx tracks

@saigongiadinh1698 - very cool to see your mapping in Hanoi and Saigon! I used to travel to Vietnam regularly when I was based in Singapore - and would love to go back again soon :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion! Working with GoPro on this sort of thing is a bit challenging (and has other potential downsides), but I agree with you that waiting 2 hours before you can push the upload button is too long. We’re going to look into why the video processing is taking this long, and hopefully we can speed this up so that you can upload videos without having to spend such a long time in the processing stage.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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Hi Boris,

It would be my pleasure to take you on a tour to record road videos in Saigon or Hanoi then upload to Mapillary and utilize traffic signs auto detection to control quality & freshness of OpenStreetMap in these two cities.

About the Mapillary video upload process. In Vietnam, I have contact of camera manufacturer and we could fully customize firmware to let gig mappers around the World upload directly to Mapillary to let them concentrate only in carrying the camera and not worry about the taking out the SD card.

Also GoPro MAX is quite not good at evening record, we could do much better than that to record the city night life not only via youtube.

Another thing is, at the moment we use Geo tracker GPX in android app to track where the motorcycle drivers go, should it be a feature integrated in Mapillary mobile to let everyone visual where they’ve already been then have a good plan to capture the rest.

Very cool! Noted on the Vietnam camera manufacturer connection. Feel free to PM me if you would like to share some details. In general the GoPro MAX is quite good at most of what is required for Mapillary, and we will work on improving the upload process in desktop uploader per your suggestion. In terms of evening recording, it would be best to avoid it, as signs, etc are always harder to read in lower light (even though city night life does look cool) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feature request on Geo tracker. In the latest version of the Android app (Updated Android app design: What do you think?) you can toggle the “color by date” feature which will show you areas of the map that have new vs old captures (new will be green). It’s not quite the same thing you’re mentioning here, but might also be useful to you.

All the best!

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By the way, another thing you can try if you’re not already doing it, is the 360 time lapse mode on the GoPro Max as described under “Biking setup”. This will create much smaller .360 video files (faster import, upload) and might be sufficient for the speeds you are travelling within a city.


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