Legacy upload page missing, how can I sync videos now?

Hello, I used the Legacy Upload page to sync Videos and GPX tracks. Now the page is missing (404 error). This page was useful to get the GPX start timestamp and then extract and sync the photos with mapillary_tools. I explained the process here.

How can I proceed now to sync GoPro video footage and GPX tracks using a map?
I cannot upload any more photos extracted from videos until I find a way.

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I read your process and I suggest you to use JOSM to sync GPX and pictures (extracted from video). Add PhotoAdjust and Photo_Geotagging plugins.

  • Load the pictures and GPX files together in JOSM (drop them in the software).
    A window opens to set the synchronization.
    Now you have a track (GPX) and icons (pictures) on it.
    On the right you have a Layer panel with this 2 entities (Alt+Maj+L to display it).
  • Right click on the geolocated images’ layer and click Write geodata in header (EXIF icon).
    A window opens to save the data in the files.

And done!
You files have now EXIF GPSLatitude and GPSLongitude datas setted.

:spiral_notepad: About pictures extraction from video: it’s better for image accuracy to take pictures with the gopro instead of use images from videos. This post [FR] gives an example.


Thank you JackNUMBER for taking your time to explain the process. I tried JOSM with these plugins and it works, this software is truly amazing.

The only thing is that the pictures are not oriented and the sequences must be normalized once they are uploaded and processed, but it’s just a step more.

Also, some sequences are cut in weird places, but I’m not sure if it’s due to this process or a hiccup during the upload.

I know that photos taken with the GoPro are better quality than the video, but I use it during bike rides and I’m interested in having video footage in case I have have an accident or I’m into any unexpected situation.

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For the image direction, I currently use the Mapillary Tools with --interpolate directions to set it before upload. It does the same as the normalize tool of Mapillary web app.
Or you can do it manually (one by one) with PhotoAdjust.

About the gap in a sequence, indeed, it seems they have been missed in download. Or maybe not already moderate by Mapillary?

Glad to help you in your process :wink:

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Thank you again Jack, the Mapillary Tools’ --interpolate_directions did the trick. I could set the direction after correcting positions with JOSM. That’s the complete command line I used in case someone finds it useful:
mapillary_tools process --advanced --import_path "mapillary_sampled_video_frames/output" --interpolate_directions --user_name name --overwrite_all_EXIF_tags