NEW: Separate GPX files now supported by Desktop Uploader

The Mapillary Desktop uploader now supports selecting a separate standalone GPX file for your video upload.

For example, Sony action cameras do not embed GPS information in the video itself, but rather in a separate file. You can now convert that seperate file to GPX and upload it together with the video to Mapillary (see instructions).

Happy uploading and cheers to @nikola on the implementation.


Only for (Sony) video?

I would like a similar option for photo sequences… with optional parameters to adjust time shift of the camera.

Hi @Eric_S - this feature is available for all mp4 video files (not just Sony, that was one example).

For photos you’ll need to use external tools (something like GeoSetter might be what you are looking for)

Let’s say I have a mp4 video and a gpx file, but the gpx file is way longer than the video, and at least that the gpx is still recording while I am recording a video, is it possible to upload the video to Mapillary? I have tried it a month ago however it is stuck at ingesting until now, probably because the gpx is not trimmed?

@Zh9567 - in this case you need to trim the gpx file to match the start and end points of the video recording. You can use something like (or many other tools) to do the trimming.