Video uploads not working?

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I’ve let the dev team know about the issues happening with the legacy uploader recently. As of right now, I don’t have a guarantee on when these issues may be fixed. We are currently working on video support for the desktop uploader, though the first release will be for Blackvue cameras only. We’re hoping to have general video support through the desktop upload later this year, however I don’t have a timeframe to quote just yet as many things need to be done to make this happen.

For the time being, I recommend looking into mapillary_tools as an alternative for video uploading. I know it’s not as intuitive as the legacy uploader, however it’s currently our preferred and supported method of video uploads.

If you run into any more issues with the legacy uploader please let me know and I will do what I can to track it and bring it to the attention of the team. I’ll also do what I can to offer support for using mapillary_tools.

Thanks for your patience and understanding with this!


Do we have any news about uploading videos to Mapillary? @Brenna recommeds using mapillary_tools instead of the legacy uploader, but there is a problem that is blocking us, mapillary_tools fails trying to process BlackVue and GoPro videos on Windows.
I’m still trying to find a way to process and upload videos to Mapillary.
Thank you.

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I do not install them at all, most likely because of the 32bit window. I would like to see an example of using mapillary tools on YouTube. Video + gps = the most accurate and beautiful sequence.

Hey @mikelo – Have you updated mapillary_tools recently? I was having issues with my own blackvue uploads the other week but updated mapillary_tools and things pushed through. Let me know. I will try to pinpoint what’s happening.

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Thank you @Brenna I updated mapillary_tools and now it works.

That’s the process I use now to upload my GoPro Session videos. I write it down in case someone finds it interesting:

  • Go to the legacy uploader to sync the video with the MapBoxSatellite map (do not upload).
  • Go to the beginning of the video and copy the Video time. Add 12 hours if the video was taken in the afternoon.
  • Go to Date to milliseconds converter and get the Unix Epoch Time tag.
  • Then execute this command, with the time tag in the end:

mapillary_tools video_process --video_import_path GOPR2904.MP4 --user_name mikelo --interpolate_directions --advanced --geotag_source gpx --geotag_source_path Move.gpx --device_make GoPro --device_model Session4 --overwrite_EXIF_gps_tag --video_sample_interval 0.5 --video_start_time 1554032824130

  • Wait until it extracts all pictures and writes the EXIF tag.
  • And then, execute this to upload (or use the desktop uploader):

mapillary_tools upload --import_path mapillary_sampled_video_frames\GOPR2904

The process is quite cumbersome, but at least I found a way to upload videos.

Thank you again.


I describe my way of how to get the legacy uploader to work properly.