Version 337 as of 27 march 2017

I saw a life ring this morning and opened the app. Was I yesterday in distance
or time mode ? I don’t remeber. Oh, a new user interface. Then it certainly may have changed. I don’t want to look in the settings before shooting. Well actually manual mode would be best. I switch twice to manual, but twice I push the Android Back button.

But I see all the time 105.0gb, is that degrees bearing ?

Mapillary stops responding frequently.

There are some dirty little colours to indicate GPS reception quality. Give me clear red, yellow and green.

Skip location check does not work any more. It says
“The recording of the location has nog started yet”
And sometimes
“pausing, flashing”

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With this build I am having problems with the upload process and it crashing when trying to reset from an upload that has finished and trying to start a new one.

I too have problems with upload. Sequences with up to 20 pictures pass, the bigger ones not.
But at work one bigger upload started after some minutes.

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Yesterday evening I painstakingly uploaded sequence by sequence. Then before sleeping I started a 900 pictures sequence. This morning, Mapillary had unfortunately stopped, there was no wifi either. It looked as I had only uploaded 100 of the 900 pictures and that I had lost 800 pictures.
But behold, they are all on the map already.

You are lucky you discovered the app was updated before using it… Today, I did not check my settings and all my sequences were time based capture. Took me 1 hour to manually delete all duplicates.

Thanks, @filipc. Resolving the issues as we go. Up to 3.41 now. Hopefully, crashes have decreased and you’ll get used to the changed design of the screen as well.

The skip location check issue - can you check if you still experience this, and if yes is this when your settings are time-based or distance-based?