Uploaded and published early on Friday 13 July : when visible, please?


Thanks for letting me know @mojmoj – Could you possibly email me at support@mapillary.com with this information, the upload dates/timeframe, camera type? I want to gather as much as I can for the team to look at.

@mikelo I’ve just seen your email about your video uploads as well and will respond to you on there once I hear back from the team.

Thanks for your patience, guys.


I have sent an email now with some more detailed info.


Great @mojmoj I’ve just received it.


The videos are being processed now. Thank you @Brenna !


@mikelo Fantastic! @mojmoj can you check yours too? (I’ll email you in case you see that first)


Here we go again. The manual upload sequences have stopped appearing for some days.
Anyone else ?


Or is it the Arizona DOT that uploaded too much ?


Indeed, here we are again : uploaded 89 + 674 pics in the night of Monday 6 to Tuesday 7 August 2018 from around 2:30 am., in series of 89, 230, 220 and the rest (calculates as 224). Some on the ‘modern’ Mapillary interface, some using legacy.mapillary, which appears to upload more pics per minute - but I digress.

These have over the following 13 hours appeared as series of 89, 229,1,419, 22 and finally 3 : begs the question, as the series of 89 was taken on one day, the other 674 on another day within a six of seven hour timespan, how they got divided up into such small lots?

Additional question : first upload of 89 was confirmed as ‘upload is now published’ on Tue 7 Aug at 04:54 (nice and quick, very much in line with reported processing time on status.Mapillary); the “your Mapillary images are now published”-mail contained one random image ‘… and 86 more’ : one +86 makes not 89?

Subsequent mails show: one pic, ‘… and 226 more’ (series of 230?) (7 Aug 08:24) , just one pic (7 Aug 09:30) (that’ll have been the final one from the 230 series? - even though not the final one, one of the earlier ones, re-uploaded before ‘committing’ the uploaded series for porcessing) , one pic ‘… and 416 more’ (7 Aug 16:43) (series of 220+224=444?) one pic ‘… and 19 more’(7 Aug 16:45) , just two minutes later that the previous mail, why not wait a sec? , one pic without ‘… and more’ (7 Aug 17:58) - going by the pic shown, there are some 35 pics with a later timestamp after that one.

Begs the question how Mapillary processing grabs files from the upload bin : apparently neither in chronological order nor by contributor?

Why would this be of interest? Because Mapillay offers the option to add tags and comments : when picking a series in my “Uploads” tab, there occasionally is a response that the pic / series is not yet available, even though the ‘published’ mail was received, and the thumbnail is shown in the “Uploads” section. And processing pics out of sequence means that when tagging / commenting I’ll miss out those few dozen still to be processed, thus need to spend time going over the series once more. This discourages from adding tags and comments, as does separate tag and comment modules, which means that if a tag isn’t available (for example a regional cycle or walking network marker) I’d need to switch modules - may only take 10 seconds, but with hundreds of pics it soon adds up to an hour or so merely switching modules from ‘tag’ to ‘comment’, and that only because there is no pre-defined RCN or RWN-marker tag, and adding which network it’s on requires adding a comment anyhow.

Finally (did I say that before?) Sequence cut snips the series rather soon after the last pic has been published, leaving me just a bit more than one day - where I may not have adequate leisure time to tag or add comments.

A much longer time till sequence cut cuts would - at least for me - be helpful : think in the order of eight or ten days, which allows to do the task when it suits me.

Sorry about the long message, could have chosen to split up in more posts, but advantage is you now have all points in one post.

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for ‘with friendly greeting’),


The sequences are arriving, rather randomly.


Good news! 810 pics uploaded in series of 10, 180, 170, 160, 150 and 140 by 2:45 Paris time in the night of Sat. 11 to Sun. 12 August were published Sun 12 by 8:38, and, more importantly, all 810 in one go.

Great thanks are due, and dutyfully expressed.

Met vriendelijke groet (Dutch for “with friendely greeting”),