Upload while capturing possible

Is it possible to upload in the Mapillary app while still taking pictures?
Let’s say I’m driving a long way and want to capture it. I could of course just upload when I’m stopped for a period of time, but there’s the possibility I’m in an area without a good cell reception. My storage is big but obviously can still fill up sooner or later.
An option would be taking an SD card (or an OTG USB storage as my phone doesn’t take SD), but it feels like it would be more convenient if the images just would be uploaded while I’m capturing.
I don’t expect them to upload as fast as they’re taken but it would at least shrink the device space required to some extent. Also, when
driving slowly or stopping at red lights etc it could make up for some time too.
Another advantage would be that I don’t forget to hit upload once I’m don’t like I always do :upside_down_face:

Sounds like a handy feature for some.

I’d be curious if on a longer drive if it could be processing and uploading all those pics while prioritizing capturing and do the uploads fast enough to free up a lot space. Maybe as these lil’ computers we call phones get beefier CPUs combined with 5G?