Using the same smartphone for Mapillary and dashcam simultaneously

Is there a way to use the same Android phone for capturing Mapillary images and video so it functions like a dashcam simultaneously? For instance a dashcam app that works simultaneously with the Mapillary app? I would like to store the last few minutes of video and photos of the last few 100 km at the same time.
Ideally of course it would be nice if the Mapillary app would have a dashcam functionality itself.

I take my daily run of Mapilllary processed images and create a movie for a travel record. It’s not geo-encoded though.

I am using Linux and ffmeg though. Perhaps there is an Android app that does it?

I doubt this is possible with the current Android API model. I’m not a developer myself, but from what I can tell, the camera API simply doesn’t allow multiple apps to access the camera at the same time.

So the only solution would then be if the Mapillary app would get some dashcam functionality added. I’d be happy to have 2-3 min videos recorded, and the last 1-2 of them saved so they are available in case of a crash, stop by police, etc. It would make me use the app much more than I do now.

I don’t know anyway to use an android phone to both capture dashcam imagery and upload to Mapillary. You might want to look into android apps that turn your phone into a dashcam to see if you can manually upload the images to Mapillary.

My way around the problem was to purchase a Anker Roav Dashcam C1 Pro and upload the images to Mapillary. Not as convenient as the Mapillary app.