GoPro Hero 3+ Silver - workflow for uploading

Hey folks,

I have recently acquired a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver.
I’ve been testing it, using the Mapillary App on an iPhone SE to control taking images. (need the connection as the Hero 3+ doesn’t have GPS)
However, a few issues arise where I’m unsure if there’s a better/faster way.

To actually upload the images:
I had hoped to just take out the SD card, put in in computer and upload the images with the Desktop Uploader. However, that doesn’t work - it’s lacking EXIF-data (while I assumed the Mapillary app-link should have supplied that?)

Question that comes to mind while typing this up: do you need GoPro and phone to have synced clocks to the second? (I haven’t really checked that so far). Should it actually work as I described, and is something ‘off’?

So what needs to be done for now is connect iOS app to the GoPro, transfer all images from GoPro to phone (over very slow WiFi on the GoPro’s end), and then upload from the app, both processes keeping my phone busy for a long time.

Would it be an alternative to take the SD card from the GoPro, put it in an Android phone with the Mapillary app and upload it through there?

I think there was documentation on how the gopro integration actually works, but basically you can’t just take out the sd card and upload them separately.
You need to go into the images section of the app, where it should hopefully detect images on the card, and then add the exif to them to upload from the app. I am not sure if the exif added would be on the actual image files on the card.
Alternatively you can go the gpx track route, but it’s obviously more work

But maybe just moving the SD card to an android phone might skip the slow WiFi transfer process?

Also, the SD card in GoPro has more capacity then I can spare on my phone in one go - that’d be highly inconvenient if I had to rely on ‘using my phone as a transfer buffer’ on large sequences…

I don’t think the android app even has camera integration, if that’s what you mean.
If you don’t want to split up your sequences for transfer (not sure if you can pause cam->phone upload if low on memory), you’ll have to do the gpx track matching I guess.
Unless there is another app that can assign gps data to gopro photos on the fly

I’ve tried moving the SD card (with pictures taken from GoPro controlled by iPhone) and put it in an Android phone. Was unable to detect the pictures in the Mapillary app.

I suppose it would be convenient if:

  1. the ‘transfer’ option showed a numerical progress
  2. and estimated ‘time remaining’.

For now I’m afraid I’m stuck with the slow method. Might probably just use the phone son uses to play games on to do the upload overnight.

this might be overkill, but it might be possible to yank the processed and transferred jpegs out of the mapillary folder using a computer with the iphone connected, but you’d need them to be processed first, so still slow