Does the GoPro Hero 3 work with the current App?

Is anyone contributing succesfully with a GoPro Hero 3 and the current Mapillary app?

I know it’s an old camera, but it’s what I have!

It’s connecting OK to the Quik app on an iPhone. On the Mapillary app, it finds the camera, but when I click ‘add camera’ the app crashes. This is the same behaviour on two different iPhones.

If the answer is it’s just not compatible, I’ll stop wasting my time, but wanted to check I wasn’t missing some essential part of the config.


If it sees the camera in the app it has to be compatible - might be an app issue, worth reporting to the feedback email

I did report it and got this reply:

"Unfortunately, we no longer officially support the ability to connect GoPro cameras with our iOS app, but we need to update our help pages to reflect this. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Nav @ Mapillary"

So I don’t think they will be spending any time fixing it…

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Ugh, that’s a bummer. I tried to use it the other day, but just assumed it didn’t work because of the camera. I guess it wasn’t used much, as it just adds an extra step to uploads.
You could still use GP3, but would have to run a gpx trace collection at the same time

Yeah, I spent some time working out how flash it to the latest firmware (because the GoPro website instructions are wrong!) thinking that would fix it - didn’t know it was broken the other end.

I realise there are other ways, but Mapillary don’t seem to make it easy - will have to see if I have the time to work it out. Thanks for following up.