Uploading images from GoPro cameras to Mapillary [Solved]


a few days ago I discovered Mapillary and liked the idea so much that I bought a Gopro Hero 10 for it. Now I wanted to add it in the iOS app (iOS 15.3.1). Unfortunately, however, it does not find the camera. In the GoPro app, however, he finds the camera. Now my question would be, does anyone have an idea what this can be, or is the GoPro Hero 10 for some reason not yet supported in the app?

Thanks in advance

Welcome @CSakel - I am also a GoPro user (Multiple Hero 7’s) and generally dont use the app at all. I simply take the images using the cameras and then use the desktop uploader (or the command line tools) for all processing.


Might be good to expand the doc and cover your workflow in terms of the actual capture as well

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Short paragraph added on my vehicle setup and how I capture images @Thibaultmol


@tastrax great documentation for uploading with Mapillary, thanks for sharing with the community.

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