GoPro 5 with GPS - standalone

GoPro 5 Black has a GPS. Is anyone using this device without the app to add images to Mapillary? I am looking at getting a GoPro 5 and this would be an added feature if I can upload photos from the GoPro to mapilary without the use of the app or the need for a phone.

@natfoot You can use the GoPro to take the pictures, and upload them at home with the web uploader. But uploading them directly from the GoPro to Mapillary is not something that is possible I think…


@natfoot It’s really comfortable to capture and upload with a GPS-enabled camera! You use it like described here for the Garmin Virb, which has been our community’s favourite GPS-enabled action camera until now:“without-app”

I’ve got a Hero 5 Black. I find its GPS to be inaccurate and inconsistent. I bike with a Garmin Vivoactive HR watch, and end up using the geotag_from_gpx python script to sync the pictures taken by the GoPro with the watch’s GPX.

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