GoPro with Mapillary App

Hi !

I just read the new feature of the Mapillary app to connect it with a GoPro:

It’s nice ! I’d like to know how it works.

I have a question:
Do you plan to include more ActionCam ? Such as the Xiaomi Yi ?


Glad to hear you appreciate it! Here are some more detailed instructions:

Android will get support for GoPro cameras soon too.

We are actively looking into integrating more action cams. We have no road map for other action cams right now though, as we want to make sure GoPro works great before moving to other cams, but our ambition is to integrate them as we want to make it as easy as possible for you guys to capture.

Sorry, my question was not clear when I said I’d like to know how it works.

Do you use an official Api, a hack (telnet, …) something else ?

I can’t go into details but we worked with GoPro

Too bad ! :confused:

Will it be possible to connect multiple cams? or use the phone cam at the same time? because that would be to awesome!

I was looking forward to test it, but I have a hero 3 black

Not with the current implementation, no, as you connect to the WiFi of the GoPro camera. You would need to be able to connect to several WiFis at the same time to control more than one camera.

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We’ll look into adding support to Hero3 as well.

There will be third party sync tools for multiple cams in a few months. I don’t have too many details yet but we’re keeping an eye out for options and will integrate when we can.

You mean somrthing like this?

Something like that but less “hacky”. We need to get to something a normal person can operate :wink:

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There is an API for my Garmin Virb:
It’s an very easy to use REST-API and with some simple JSON-Request you can take photos and transfer them. I’d appreciate not just the GoPro to be supported but also my Garmin Virb.

We have support for Garmin Virb X and XE, see

(only iOS for now though)

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Great! But will not buy myself an iDings, as I have a lot of Android devices already, is there planning to have this feature soon?

We are working on it. Right now we are extracting the camera code and adding camera2 support. Then after that we will add support for GoPro and Garmin.

I don’t have a timeframe though, but it should be faster to implement on Android as we have done all the mistakes on iOS already :slight_smile:


Good to know, I’ll soon have a Hero3+. I’d love to use it with the Android app.

So you need an API to use multiple cam ? Here is a good news for the Yi:
You can contact them:

Interesting, thanks for the tip! Signed up :slight_smile:

Currently GoPro cameras don’t support multi-cam via API no, only Garmin.

Is there an update for when Android will get support for action camera? It’s something that I’m waiting on.

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