Android clarification

Hi, looking to get involved here but do not want to use my active cell phone for collection here. I do have an Android phone I no longer use but would like to use for this. Can I use it (as long as it meets min requirements) without having cell service? Basically confirming that I can use an android device without cell connectivity and just transmit & communicate via WiFi.

Alternatively, am open to ideas for a device that I can upload to the Mapillary service directly from the device and not needing to download any images to another device/computer.


Yes you can, I use my old Galaxy S3 for nearly all capture and it works fine, I have left an old sim card in the phone but it has no credit on it. As long as your GPS and WiFi work you should be fine.

Have fun!

@damnitgetmybeer and @adam, by default the Mapillary app will never attempt to upload over cell connection. All communication happens online so WiFi is what you need. And you don’t need to be connected while capturing, just for the upload - so stock up on battery and memory and give it a go =)

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Thanks… I know if may sound counter intuitive but can I upload from my Android device over the cellular network? Is it not encouraged or not possible? What would the data volume be?

There is a setting in the app to allow it.

Your data volume depends on how many pictures you are taking… Assume one image of 2 Mb every second during a hour gives you 7200 Mb ( 7 Gb per hour).

So, quite a volume, that’s why most of us upload them by wifi (at home, while drinkin a Belgian beer).

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I use about 2 Tera bits or 2,000 gig per month uploading over cellar data. We now have unlimited dara.

We is not me. I don’t have any data plan. Zuinige Nederlander.

That “We” was what is reffered to as the queen’s we.
Here in the United States most of the carriers have started offering unlimited data. Im with Verizzon, the biggest of the carriers.

This has completely changed the way I up load. No more waiting till I get home to get on WiFi, no more days spent at Macdonalds.
Now I search out cell towers. I have an app that shows me where the cell towers are and in what direction I need to drive to get better cell service.Today I had three bars while I waited most of the day.
Back when data usage was counted in gigs instead of Tera bites I’d use my 20 allotted gigs and the rest was all WiFi.
Now I’m continually uploading, 24/7.
That’s how for the last two weeks I scored over a quarter million images each week.
I could never do that if they we re e still counting my data usage.

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