Move pictures from app to laptop to upload later

I’m going to Italy tonight for about 10 days and I wanted to take pictures for Mapillary with the Android app (I would have access to an iPhone too if it’s only possible with an iPhone, but the Android phone is better) there, but I don’t know If I’m going to have Internet access there and my phone runs out of space soon, so I was wondering If there is a way to move the pictures to my Laptop to upload all of them when I’m home again :slight_smile:

Have been searching for an instruction for a while but haven’t found anything so I thought I’d ask here :blush:

Thanks :smile:

Okay I tried stuff myself and found the path where the pictures are on my phone. If I transfer them to my laptop and upload them later, will the GPS coordinates and the orientation of the phone be saved and uploaded? Are they saved in the Tags of the photo itself or do I have to copy some other files to do that?

Prepare to have a large hard drive if you take a lot of photos and possibly want to keep the photos after upload. I recommend that your computer should be on a wired connection to help speed up the upload process.

NOTE: I’m running an Android phone connected to a Windows 7 64-bit machine.

Here is a wiki guide on how to extract the mapillary photos from an ios device:

Here is a guide someone already posted:

I have a folder setup on my Windows at E:\mapillary

Then I have subfolders listed like so:


I have the python scripts that were downloaded from at my E:\mapillary folder.

If you have mapillary using the SDcard pictures and their sequence folders are located here \Card\Android\data\app.mapillary\files\mapillary
If you do not use the SDcard: \Phone\Android\data\app.mapillary\files

Everyday or every 2 days I move (cut and paste) all my mapillary photos off my phone onto computer.
If an upload is inprogress, I put the folders into E:\mapillary\_pending
If there is no upload in progress, I put the folders into E:\mapillary\_upload

Then I run my command prompt and make sure its sitting at my E:\mapillary folder and then I execute: E:\mapillary\_upload --upload_subfolders


Thank you! Is it the same on Debian though? :smile:

I’m sure having a similar folder setup and running the python script will work fine if installed correctly.

I don’t know about how to transfer photos from Android or ios device to a Debian OS.

Thanks, I know about that part :blush:

@aa_blaablaa you can check here as well:

Also, our new manual uploader lets you push those images to Mapillary really easily. =)


The python script is so convenient for photo transfer. thanks

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But the manual uploader does not cut sequences ?

@filipc for now, no. We’re discussing to work out the best solution here.