Two apps by the same name?

Yesterday, like many times before, I took an interesting sequence with the Android app and wanted to upload it.
To my surprise, I couldn’t, but was asked to download a new version of the app.
I have done that.
Now, I have two Apps by an identical name Mapillary side by side, indistinguishable.
One of them has my pics, but won’t upload them.
The other one knows my profile and sequences taken years ago - but not yesterday’s pics.

This is NOT what I call a well managed migration!

A pity about the image sequence.

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Hey, sorry about this. I agree the migration was poor and there were some unforeseen events that had us create a new app, unfortunately. Your images are not lost though, unless you have deleted the app. If you download them to your computer, you can still upload them using the Desktop Uploader.

“Poor” … It was not that good. This was a beautiful app creating stuff to freely share with creative commons licences. You could forgive the odd mistake after all it was not run for profit or to lay claim to donated images. That has all changed. Still I guess it is making some jobs. Those apologies don’t write themselves.

Is there an app for retrieving my 400,000 images… or do users have to use a command line interface to use stuff that was donated to creative commons via Mapillary. Disappointed.

I’m no license expert, but I think the license is the same as before, CC-BY-SA. You can read about licenses here: Mapillary cookie policy use

For retrieving your photos, please contact and they will help you. I don’t know how that works, sorry.

No problem, to rename - APS. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. I use Nova Launcher!

Puuh… of course I deleted the old app
What would I do with an app that no longer works? And space on the phone is limited, too.

In old app you can see your stat.

Right - old app,
Left - new app.