Mapillary for Android - New app required

Important notice for Android users
We have released a new app for Android and have discontinued the old version. To continue contributing and uploading to Mapillary, you will need to download the new app from Google Play.

If you have images on the old version of the app, please transfer them to your computer and upload them using Mapillary’s Desktop Uploader. You may delete the old app once you have transferred them across to your computer.

Note: Do not delete the old version of the app until you have backed up all the images by following the steps above.


Please add a feature to upload more than 1 sequence in Mapillary’s Desktop Uploader
We have now more than 90 gb in 390 sequences. We know that we can upload in command line but because of the problem we have in the past and not understand the cause yet we can’t use the command line (HELP! Photos in the wrong place)

You can upload more than one sequence in Desktop Uploader. Just make sure all these sequences you wish to upload are contained within one parent folder.


Thanks! Works perfectly well and is great to see on the map all the sequences before upload

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