Too many photos reported?


I looked at the all-time stats for Norway today, and see that I am no longer in 1st place. User @roadroid is reported to have 760k photos in Norway.

However, when filtering to show only their photos, only a few sequences are shown, for a total of no more than a few thousand photos. Also, most photos are from 2015, and I have never seen this user high up in the top list for Norway.

Unless I am overlooking a huge selection somewhere, it seems to me there is something wrong with the stats.


That must be another huge state import.
It will probably start to appear the next days.


many sequences of 2 or 4 images. I hate that


Shown selection of roadroid. But I agree more of Sweden than Norway is added cq visible at the moment. Anyway, any addition in any country is nice, right?


It turns out the misreporting is due to limited precision in ElasticSearch, which is used by Mapillary.

Their geographic searches (like “all photos within country x”) have an imprecision of a few percent relative to the area bounds. And Norway happens to have huge bounds. Not only does Norway include a few islands near the North pole, but it actually also includes some islands near the SOUTH pole!

Which makes the total area Norway covers huge, and because of the ElasticSearch imprecision a few kilometers of Sweden are included in the Norway query. And Roadroid users have been making a lot of photos near the Norwegian border.


Sadly, the (currently) 788k photos of Roadroid are 98% double-reported, that is they are reported both in Norway and in Sweden, while the photos actually only exist in Sweden. I agree, it would have been great if Roadroid really had 788k photos in Norway, we have too few.