I just joined this forum

I just joined this forum. Please share and help me more to integrate with everyone


Welcome Pauline.

I drive Australia continuously. I use a BlackVue Dashcam that generates about 20GBytes of images a day, that then I periodically upload to the Mapillary server. My platforms are all Linux/PC based.

Most of my good images are in the NE area of New South Wales (state)

Your setup?


thank you.

Don’t be shy about asking questions.


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I’m Andy from Germany and I heard about Mapillary just a view weeks ago. Some Waze editors discussed about itand I decided to test.

Today I’ve uploaded just about 1800 pics.


Welcome. I’m Richard from the USA, and I’m new here, too. Be careful. This can be addictive.

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Greetings from Ohio Pauline,
I am the one you want to top on the leaderboards.
I use an s8 and a Blaxkvue for my recording for Mapilary. I run two Waylens cameras as well. They are meant for OSC but the data can, with much work, more than I am willing to do daily, be shared with Mapillary.
A typical day for me is about 200 miles. I start and end each day in the dark these days.
I used to do longer trips, crosscountry, but the rattle trap I drive now is better suited for the local runs with long waits.(most often while I wait I cant gather data.)

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Welcome to the community!
Out of curiosity, can you link to the discussion or was it just in the chat?

I’ll be following this thread.
I’ve yet to find how to make gathering data for them pay.

@suNShine2 and @JBTheMilker, read this:

Hi, new to the scene and I have a few questions.

I originally downloaded Mapillary because I have a Tesla Model 3 and wanted better Summon responses from my car in my work parking lot but it’s turned out to be more fun than I thought. I read up on Open Street Map and really like the idea and way people are contributing so I decided to start taking more pictures. But I do have some questions.

I drive mostly the same route daily for work, should I keep recording that route or is once enough?

Are the pictures I take “submitted” to OSM or is OSM able to pull info from Mapillary? I’m not sure of the relationship or how they work together.

When driving through a parking lot, same Home Depot, does that help with actual map drawings or is that something that would need to be edited in OSM?


Welcome! wasn’t expecting people to end up on mapillary from the summon press (it’s quite a long connection to make), but certainly good to see more people.

Capturing the same route every day might not be needed, however you could try capturing in different lighting conditions or seasons (and get to experience the nifty mapillary compare feature), or with different (better) equipment.

OSM does not host anything but OSM data. Mapillary share their data with OSM editors, not really osm itself, by a licence clause. So it is pulled. People can use mapillary data to edit osm, and some apps (OsmAnd) can show mapillary images for OSM points.

Not sure I got that last one. If you refer to driving+capturing mapillary images, that in itself won’t fix the map or summon. Someone would need to edit the area, and they can rely on the mapillary images captured

Thank you for the quick response! That info helps a good bit for sure. I think I might have stumbled into Mapillary from the OSM side as I wasn’t having an easy time figuring out how to edit but I have done some more reading. I did kind of figure that just using Mapillary won’t help with my Summon issues, that’ll need to be editing the actual map data.

I’m really enjoying this app and helping contribute. I’ve noticed that I have some fellow mappers here in Las Vegas as some neighborhoods are very well documented, every last street and cul de sac.

Thanks again for the help.


What is “Summon” ?

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I should have googled for summon and tesla, but I did not know that.