I just joined this forum

I just joined this forum. Please share and help me more to integrate with everyone

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Welcome Pauline.

I drive Australia continuously. I use a BlackVue Dashcam that generates about 20GBytes of images a day, that then I periodically upload to the Mapillary server. My platforms are all Linux/PC based.

Most of my good images are in the NE area of New South Wales (state)

Your setup?


thank you.

Don’t be shy about asking questions.


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I’m Andy from Germany and I heard about Mapillary just a view weeks ago. Some Waze editors discussed about itand I decided to test.

Today I’ve uploaded just about 1800 pics.


Welcome. I’m Richard from the USA, and I’m new here, too. Be careful. This can be addictive.

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Greetings from Ohio Pauline,
I am the one you want to top on the leaderboards.
I use an s8 and a Blaxkvue for my recording for Mapilary. I run two Waylens cameras as well. They are meant for OSC but the data can, with much work, more than I am willing to do daily, be shared with Mapillary.
A typical day for me is about 200 miles. I start and end each day in the dark these days.
I used to do longer trips, crosscountry, but the rattle trap I drive now is better suited for the local runs with long waits.(most often while I wait I cant gather data.)

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