Mapillary Million Club

Well I finally hit 1 million images uploaded to Mapillary. Most of it being on just one device.



Well done! I am only half way to a million… I need to get out there on a more regular basis.

Giddy up! :slight_smile:

Do either of you use more than one device when going out? I have a couple that I set up in my car taking a pic every two seconds. Depending on your set up, work flow and such, even an old cell phone and holder out the side window would be great. If I’m understanding correctly, those side pics help a lot with the geospatial mapping they generate off of the pics we upload.

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I do have a second contour camera that I could set up but controlling it remotely will be a problem. I would need another phone as the controller. Ideally I would love a setup where I can control multiple cameras at the same time but that will require some camera replacements.

I would also love to do single pass 360 degree capture but the good technology is out of my financial reach at the moment. Cheaper cameras don’t run for long enough, many cant be powered at the same time as capturing so long drives are out of the question.

I only use the one device at a time.

Well done, but how in the hell do you upload them in the age of NBN? It takes me most of a week to upload 10,000 images which is the reason I am giving to be 980,000 behind you

I don’t have NBN so I set the resolution to the lowest which brings the file sizes down. Mapillary locks the JPEG quality at 90 otherwise I would probably do higher resolutions at a slightly lower quality.

This also has the added benefit of taking more images per second as well as not hitting the write speed limit of the micro SD card.
The device is able to keep up without crashing or overheating but I do need to use the air-con on very hot days.

I did just over 10,000 images yesterday, uploading overnight right now I have done 6900 images in 10 hours. My internet quality varies quite a bit so sometimes it takes longer, I usually upload while I sleep which is also when network congestion is at it’s lowest.

On the highest quality setting I could only upload 100 images an hour and would freeze at my aggressive capture settings anyway. I had to find the balance between capture speed, upload speed and stability.

While capturing I am also using WiGLE Wi-FI which is constantly scanning 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi channels on most aggressive settings and using the GPS.

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I have NBN with upload speed of 10Mb and have always used the manual upload pages. Initially uploading videos and GPX files from which the images are extracted. For each 4 hours driving around it takes me twice that to load the files.

Having just got a Virb XE to capture images I am now keen to get scripting sorted to do uploads overnight so I don’t have to do them manually.

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I actually found my mobile phone has about double or triple the speed of my home ADSL which is in spitting distance of the exchange. The uploading speed needs improving to get it more mainstream. Imagine just 1% of truckies uploading this.

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Well I hit the million images upload today - woo hoo! I promise I will try and speed up the next million. Getting the scripts working is so much easier than manual uploads so that is one issue out of the way. Now if I can just get the Garmin Virb XE’s working a bit more reliably I will be set up for 2 million in no time!

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My Garmin Virb XE regularly looses its GPS signal.
There are spikes and lines going straight.
Some people use JOSM to check.

thanks @filipc - my issues are more that it fails to start or stop via the mapillary app along with the poor exposures in low light conditions. GPS is generally fine but I am mainly in the country, not cities. I have a Virb and a Virb XE (more reliable) - looking for a couple more to run 4 at a time.

I put my smartphone near the wifi at night, without metal or other interferences around. Then it easily uploads 20.000 pictures without a problem.
I had problems before, but the serviceman from the internet provider came and solved them.

When the accu of my Garmin is nearly empty, I look for an open space, and there I quickly change the battery. And then I take a little break.
Nevertheless, GPS problems at that point happen.