Faroe Island people want G**gle Streetview ... recommend Mapillary instead?

I came accros this diary posting:

http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/FraMauro/diary/39049 with its title:

Petition in Faroe Islands: they Want Google Street View. Someone should propose OSM!

So I already recommended Mapillary in the comments, but anyone has an idea how we can easily do some more efforts for promoting out crowd based street level photos?


Firstly, I think that she’s doing a very good job with the sheep! :smile:

Secondly, I would recommend a trip to the islands. The landscape is beautiful, and according to a site I stumbled into yesterday, they have ~660 km of paved roads.
While there, you could start promoting Mapillary to get some help from the locals.


I read the same thought when reading about it. I left a few comments on their Facebook page, maybe it brings new photos to Mapillary.


Hi @xerst,
Definitely a good idea. I reached out to the girl who coordinating the whole project but am still waiting for a response. I’m guessing the whole reaction has been quite overwhelming with international news coverage in major publications.

She’s definitely convinced me that the Faroe Islands are worth visiting.

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Great idea! :smiley: I left them comments on YouTube and Facebook recommending it :slight_smile: If they answer, I’ll let you know :blush: :sunny:

They responded:


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There is an open issue on the Mapillary issue tracker about the sovereignty of the Faroe Islands.

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Update: @peter is fresh back from the Faroe Islands so keep an eye on his uploads - he and his son got the main parts covered now and hopefully it’s inspiring the locals to do the rest! :wink:


Now you can read about Peter’s adventure on our blog as well as take a tour of the Faroe Islands Photo Story to see more of the magnificent Faroe Islands!

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