New Streets To Map

I love it when I stumble across a new development where the streets haven’t been added to OSM or Google Maps.

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You should definitelyadd it to OSM :smile:

Yes I love too when I stumble across a new development, but I regret more as my country is allready full.

I agree. Only found one new cycleway not on the map last six months (Netherlands)… I think they should send us mapillary mappers to very distant countries to do more effective work.

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@micmin1972 maybe you can get them to send you here to the US to some of the fast growing places ( Austin, Nashville, Phoenix, et al. ) where they’re adding new subdivision all the time :smile:

I’ve found a few such developments, too:

Looks like Gooble Maps finally has the roads drawn in, but not all of the street names in place. OSM has had them for over a month, thanks to some Mapillary imagery.

Here’s a new development that I had imaged, but it looks like someone deleted most of the images. :frowning: Gooble has the roads drawn in now, but no imagery yet, and it looks like some of their map road lines aren’t right, anyway.

Hey, look who has imagery, and look who doesn’t!

Here’s another new development that I’ve started imaging. I think they were trying to keep this one quiet and not draw unnecessary attention…

@JackTheRipper deleted most of the images? This should not be possible by someone else than you (we don’t auto-approve these edits and don’t have a discussion option in place yet so all changesets for deleting someone else’s images stay on hold). If it is then we definitely need to look into this, so anything you can share that could help us track it down will be most appreciated!

@katrin, I don’t think I have ever intentionally (or even accidentally) deleted any images I’ve uploaded. And in any event, from the way the remnant of the sequence progresses, it looks (to me–feel free to correct me) like someone (or some thing) deleted the missing images individually. I say that because the beginning portion of the sequence is present, and as you advance, you end up jumping to the tail end of the sequence, as if I paused shooting pictures and then resumed again later. Except I didn’t, and there really did used to be an entire sequence there. I know because I used the imagery to help draw in the roads on OSM. If someone simply tried to delete the entire sequence,with just a few clicks…the begin and end of the sequence would be gone, too, which is why I say it had to be done image-by-image.

Could these missing images be related to this github case I opened?

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@JackTheRipper thanks for the additional details! I will try to resurface this.

I stumbled onto several streets that were too New to have been covered by Google Maps street view. I too enjoy this.
Often the homes are variations of the same blueprint. Showing how the new home owners customized their home can add some interesting content to a sequence.

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I was told that this happens. I have had the same message and was assured by the team that this was normal and that no pictures had been deleted.

Except in my case, the pictures are definitely deleted. :frowning:

““Except in my case, the pictures are definitely deleted.””"

One sure fire way to combat this is to map more routes, take more pictures. Over time he will grow weary of deleting your pictures.