Anyone from anywhere in the Philippines?

Hello everyone. I’m new in the forum, but I’ve been using Mapillary on-and-off for about year now.

I’ve moved to a new neighborhood, and I’m keen on adding mapillary imagery as I cycle around, and familiarize myself with it. I’m also an advocate, an active member of the local OpenStreetMap community.

Would love to meet, and collaborate with like-minded people who likes open source, technology, maps, biking, and beer (in no particular order.)


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Hi GOwin,
I just downloaded Mapillary today, so that’s why I’m kind of late to the thread.

I have a place in the South Eastern part of Southern Leyte and go there a couple of times a year (I’m in North America the rest of the time).

I usually hire a van to go from Ormoc to the Hinunangan area, but also have friends in Almeria, Biliran.

You can bet I’ll be running Mapillary on the next trip. Years ago I took a took a Garmin GPS and walked every street in town. For about 5 years, Hinunangan was the only town in Southern Leyte with streetmaps in Google Maps.

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That’s awesome! Welcome to Mapillary!

Your area on OSM x Google:

Not much difference between these two. Looks like you got you work set for your next trip. :smile:

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