So.. what about these 'achievements'

Hey @Ekeshkekesh,

Please, could you email this issue to Thanks.

@pkoby Thanks for your feedback, setting notification settings look pretty simple to make changes at the first look however we need to implement these changes on all over our products. I’ll bring it to discussion with the team.

No worries.

Incidentally, I changed my notification settings to allow the second tier (“Account Related, Your Mapillary Activity”, which still leaves out “Comments, Weekly Digest”). Anyway, it’s been about two weeks since I passed 1 million photos and I haven’t heard anything. I thought I’d mention that the settings I now have it at may not have helped. I changed the tier a few days before I passed the milestone, too.

So if the notification settings are changed, perhaps it might be good to add a line for “Milestones: claim rewards for uploading” or something like it.

I just realized, too, that since changing that setting in the website, I haven’t gotten any emails about my uploads, so maybe something’s broken? Also, I assume you have my email address, because I get Mapillary News, but I don’t see a way to set that in the website profile.

Hi @pkoby, please check our your inbox, you should’ve received milestone email right now. Thanks for your recommendation to add milestones emails under notification settings.

Got it, thanks for the quick turnaround! Got order confirmation as well.

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E-mail came through - I thought I had settings to allow all e-mails though.

Contents of the mail:
Congratulations on reaching an important milestone in your Mapillary journey. You’ve just passed the 100,000 image mark, which makes you one of the most significant contributors in the Mapillary community.

You’re helping create better maps all over the world because the data from each image is available to anyone through our platform. The whole mapping community is grateful for your contribution. If you’d like to discover more about how to use Mapillary data in OpenStreetMap, this blogpost might be interesting for you.

Your next adventure is reaching 500,000 images. When you reach your next milestone, we will send out Mapillary Swag to express our appreciation for your contributions to Mapillary.

Long story short: the 100,000 image mark doesn’t appear to do anything. Then why bother with having it?

One month ago I passed the 500k limit and received an a-mail with a link to the shop.
I ordered the package containing a T-shirt, some mounts etc.
One month later I received a big enveloppe containing…

…a very very very tiny mapillary sticker! :rofl:

Owned by Facebook, you have to cut costs right? :tired_face:

Hmmm nothing to do with Facebook. It could be that the warehouse ran out of the large stickers. @asturksever might have some ideas here.

Sorry, but I’m not interested in a larger sticker… :thinking:
The photo of this swag package shows more than that (T-shirt, mounts).

I already have 830k :wave:, and so far I have not received 500k e-mail with a link :thinking:

It might be an issue with your notification settings. Can you whether you may have disabled Mapillary notifications.

We’re also transitioning our milestone and will need to find a new email notification system and logistics method to get swag out, so there will likely be a delay before we start sending swag out again.

So all you received was a sticker? If that’s the case, something has definitely gone wrong. Either with our shipping provider or with the system that handles the orders.

Yes, all I got was that tiny sticker, it was so tiny that it was quite a joke actually. :laughing:

Still wondering about this btw.

I think these are the rewards:
100.000: congratulations e-mail
500.000 mini sticker
1,000.000 big sticker :rofl:

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13.000.000 : sequences deleted.

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Jokes aside, this is clearly a mistake we’re looking into.

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The app for android has something like that?
I have never seen it anywhere (app) and I do not see it now .
Somehow it came to 100k, anyway i gets all other messages, etc. without any problems.
I only see something like that in the settings at and i have 2x Default.

by the way yesterday I switched to 2x Moderate
and after a while back to 2x Default

Just reached 500,000 images and the app says ‘You earned a gift’.

Giving that I didn’t manage to get anything for reaching the 100K images last time (see my earlier message in this thread describing my problem and no one from Mapillary looked into it) as well as others who’ve had problems in the past, would I be wrong to hold any hope of receiving anything from Mapillary this time round?

Hi @laye,
Currently, we’re unable to ship swags and achievement packages. We are moving our distribution channel within the new organization and as soon as we are set with new distribution, you will be received your achievement packages for 500k. Thanks for your understanding and patience.