So.. what about these 'achievements'

Yesterday, in the iOS app, on the profile page I stumbled upon the achievements tab.
Apparantly it’s been there for a while… (october last year?), which says:

'Level 5
Contributed 100k images

You earned a gift! We want to thank you for a great job. We’ll get in touch to get it to you’.

Now… has anyone actually heard from that? (being contacted, and if so how?)

All I can find on the subject for now is this blog post, which is very vague on what exactly it is about…


Yes it happens. I was emailed direct asking for a delivery address. I was sent promo material, a magnetic vehicle sign, a couple of camera mounts and a bandana. (for 1M images)

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I just checked my profile and found the same thing (Level 5). But I’ve not been contacted by anyone yet.

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I got emails when I reached 100K and 500K. It may be related to which notifications are allowed - I think I have them all enabled. Anyway, both letters contained a link and a password to Mapillary Store.

I think I got 500K images done sometime in december and got the email on 12th of february. So there is definitely some delay.

Hey @laye, I re-send Level 5 email for you, please let me know if you have received it. You are about to reach Level 6. :crossed_fingers:

Hey @TimCouwelier ,

Recently, we have updated Achievements level and its perks. We will post more details about Achievements later in this quarter.

Hey, I reached level 5 as well but no email…

I got an email when I reached level 5 (100k). I filled out a form, but haven’t received anything yet. It’s been about a month since filling out the form.

I don’t know how often they pack and send these requests but i suspect that their main focus is the core business and the community is important, but secondary.

@Matsayz Please let me know if you have received Level 5 email.

Hi @SiGNOUT, I will follow up your parcel and get back to you.

I’ve not had the e-mail either as far as I can tell, hence me bringing up the topic.

When searching for it, and the only result is deliberatly covered in a layer of mystery, I got confused and turned here for answers.

I received an email with a link to the Blog which then asks me for a password. My username password did not work.

Yes I received your email. What happens now?

There should be a password in the email, mine had it like these:
Use XXXXXX as the password to log into the store.
The password for the store is XXXXXX

Yes, the same thing happened to me. The email I got was this:

"Congratulations on reaching an important milestone in your Mapillary journey. You’ve passed the 100,000 image mark, which makes you one of the most significant contributors in the Mapillary community.

You’re helping create better maps all over the world because the data from each image is available to anyone through our platform. The whole mapping community is grateful for your contribution. If you’d like to discover more about how to use Mapillary data in OpenStreetMap, this blogpost might be interesting for you.

Your next adventure is reaching 500,000 images. When you reach your next milestone, we will send out Mapillary Swag to express our appreciation for your contributions to Mapillary.

We would also like to hear your feedback on using Mapillary, so please reply to this email if you have any thoughts to share. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Happy mapping!

Said & the Mapillary team "

The link in the Blog post took me to and asked me for password, but it didn’t accept any of my passwords (the main site and this forum passwords).


@laye I guess if you’re at the 100k stage you just got a wrong link. shows a working link, try your password there?

(I assume you can change the notation for any milestone, I just tweaked 1m down to 100k)

I got the same email as Laye. No password within the body of the email. Tried my password but no luck.

Thanks @TimCouwelier, I tried the link you sent and still it didn’t like my password.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hmm, I never got the 100k email. Tried @TimCouwelier link and my passwords didn’t work.